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Face Care - Guinot

Age Summum Facial

90 Min RO 45.000

A unique facial that uses a regenerating serum containing the 56 Cellular Ingredients of the Cellular Life Complex and a high concentration of pure Vitamin C. These unique components are used in hospitals to help regenerate new skin by effectively boosting cell activity and restoring life to the skin. The treatment continues with an Anti-ageing Massage consisting of 15 exclusive movements and the application of Sérum Age Summum, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, to firm tissue and combat skin slackening. The skin is toned once again. Age Summum concludes with the application of a radiance anti-ageing mask with Pro-Collagen. The skin appears instantly firmer.

Hydra PH Peeling

60 Min RO 35.000

An alternative to chemical peels GUINOT created the Hydra PH Peeling Treatment to reduce signs of ageing, improve the complexion and reduce dark spots. After the peel phase, your Therapist will carry out a regenerating massage to relax the face and boost cell renewal. The result? Skin that looks brand new! The treatment ends with the Hydra Beauté Mask, a soothing, refreshing peel-off mask that literally peels right off. A alternative to aesthetic medicine, offering visible results and restoring radiance after just one treatment. Recommended a course of 3 treatments for lasting result.