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Shankara Hands and Feet Spa

Natural - Organic Parabens free, Alcohol and Chemicals free, PETA approved/cruelty free.

Hand Samadhi with Manicure

50 Min RO 14.000

Hands are luxuriously pampered and rejuvenated with manual micro-dermal abrasion followed by a moisturizing triple clay mask. Age spots and skin discolorations on the backs of hands are treated with an active natural skin lightener followed by a layering of products and a deep moisturizing, aromatherapeuticmarma (energy point) massage. Hands are awakened, moisturized, smoothed and softened while your whole body becomes energized yet feeling relaxed and nurtured.

Foot Samadhi with Pedicure

60 Min RO 16.000

Take a journey with this relaxing Ayurvedic foot treatment that begins with herbal manual micro-dermal abrasion. The feet are treated with a copper bowl balancing Ayurvedic massage followed by Western massage using invigorating, refreshing antimicrobial foot oil. Your journey is completed with a luxurious foot mask. The Foot Samadhi stimulates circulation, purifies, hydrates, nourishes, and smoothes skin, all in a single treatment.

Shankara Trio Bliss Massage

50 Min RO 18.000
Add on Shirodhara 30 Min RO 16.000

Like the five points of a star, the feet, hands and head are centers of intense energy. This session begins with focus on the feet and hands, massaging with invigorating aromatherapeutic oil. We complete our Shankara Western Star treatment with the focus on the head, by giving a scalp and head massage. When the star is complete, one feels deeply relaxed, yet revitalized and radiantly shining. Try adding a Shirodhara treatment with the massage and experience the ultimate bliss.