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Ayana Signature Rituals

Rose Petal Ritual

100min R.O.44.000

This opulent spa ritual begins with a beautiful foot ritual which feature the natural and healing properties of roses and organic essential oils. Relax on a luxurious warm bed of fresh rose petals and let their scent and softness relax body and mind. Enjoy a gentle all-over exfoliation with our brightening rose petal sugar body polish to leave skin wonderfully smooth and supple. Experience our therapeutic divine Rose petal full body massage using a blend of nourishing pure essential oils of rose absolute, lavender, grapefruit, lemon verbena and vanilla totransport you to a place of deep relaxation.

Ayana Kahraman Signature Ritual- The Amber Ritual

110min R.O.50.000

Beautiful flower mist will greet you; followed by a full body exfoliation using pure Argan and Amber oils and grains that will deeply detox and luxuriously hydrate your skin. After Amber grains are showered off, Ayana's deluxe Amber Balm is then generously applied to skin and skillfully massaged for 50 tranquil minutes with the healing energy of pure Baltic Amber Spheres. Your body is then tenderly wrapped in warm towels: cocooned in dreamy bliss. And as your wrapped skin drinks deeply the golden goodness of Amber Balm, our attentive therapist will meanwhile apply warm towels to your face, then massage it with the finest Amber oils and Amber Spheres, gently glided and rolled over facial pressure points. This opulent Amber Ritual will leave your skin blissfully nourished and glowing with sublime beauty.This ritual completes with a serving of Amber water: a natural, rejuvenating and re-hydrating tonic.

The Frankincense Polish & Massage Ritual

100min R.O. 46.000

A warm eucalyptus foot bath is followed by a full body of luxurious frankincense polish. Deep inhalations of frankincense essential oils begin a scalp massage fit for royalty, diminishing daily stress. A calming massage with De-stressing and anti ageing oils of frankincense, neroli, lavender and cedarwood, alleviating you to a pure state of Blissfulness.

The Omani Purify Ritual

105min R.O. 46.000

Using the finest natural and indigenous ingredients, this Signature Ritual has been designed to evoke a true feeling of Oman while generating outstanding results for Mind and Body. Your journey begins with a deep muscle relaxing warm candle massage using essential oils blend of frankincense, rose and amber. A full body scrub of natural Omani sea salt, kalwa and sandalwood helps remove dead skins and a splash of natural yoghurt, restores moisture in the skin.


A Nourishing Goat’s milk and Honey bath may be added to the treatment.

Thai Honey-Ginger Polish & Massage

90min R.O.40.000

A special organic scrub combines the goodness of honey, Thai ginger root (galangal) and tamarind that moisturise, heal and naturally whiten the skin. It is followed by a Lymphatic drainage massage. This massage is especially beneficial for ladies prone to water retention and cellulite; it is also recommended post delivery.


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