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100% Pure and Cleanse

Organic Olive Oil Soap (Made with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Our Organic Olive oil soap is handmade contains organic extra virgin olive oil and noth-ing else! Ideal for super sensitive skin, babies (but not tear free!), people with multiple chemical sensitivity, or those who simply want the longest lasting handmade soap on earth. This bar does not make a big fluffy lather like our soaps that contain coconut oil, but we think you will enjoy the ultra moisturizing properties of this creamy bar that's bio-degradable, vegan, and gluten free.


Ingredients: Organic Extra virgin Olive Oil, Water, Lye, essential oils of Ylang ylang Lavender, Jasmine & Lemongrass.


Each bar weighs approximately 120 grams – 125 grams.


The Olive Scrub Soap

Refresh your senses with the rich, warm, natural exfoliating bar soap made with olive leaf and pure olive oil. Rich in natural skin conditioners. Infused with a natural herbal blend fragrance. Perfect for exfoliating the entire body, but also gentle enough to use on deli-cate facial skin for an all-over glow. Gently cleanses without stripping skin of it's natural moisture.


Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Sweet almond oil, Water Lye, essential oils blend of Vanilla, Musk, Lavender, Mandarin& Lemon.


Each bar weighs approximately 120 grams – 135 grams.