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Face Care - Skinlight

SKINLIGHT Stops the march of time. SKINLIGHT has been designed for facial treatments and combines a series of techniques to treat the main facial beauty problems: Lack of firmness, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone and skin hydration. SKINLIGHT combines vacuum drainage, diamond tip dermabrasion, electroporation, photoporation, phototherapy and cryotherapy.

Skinlight Chromo Ultimate Facial - Anti Ageing

120 Min RO 50.000

This really is the ultimate rewarding 5-in-1 anti ageing facial with multiple benefits includes Microdermabrasion to resurface skin tone and light therapy to help reduce the signs of ageing. Lymphatic drainage is then used to remove the build-up of toxins and stimulate circulation while Electroporation (Modulated Frequency technology) and Skinlight’sDermActif infusion provides a skin-plumping action to regenerate and brighten skin. The treatment also involves a Hyaluronic Mask with LED light, which works to repair and restore the skin’s moisture balance, providing effective hydrating results.


Skinlight Chromo Ultimate Facial - Lightening

120 Min RO 50.000

Using diamond-tip microdermabrasion for the ultimate skin re-surfacing system, diamond tips first polish dull dead skin, buffing away fine lines and wrinkles after which, the skin is then infused with a selection of serums using MMF technology. Designed to ensure the skin is fully hydrated and nourished. This facial also works to stimulate collagen production. Results are immediate including lightened pigmentation, smooth and more even skin tone and a healthier, luminous complexion.


Skinlight Hydration Facial

90 Min RO 40.000

This facial suit all skin types especially effective for those suffering from the lack of moisture and the over production of sebum (oil) in their skin. The procedure includes a moist check, diamond tip exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, extraction and the application of the Hydro gel mask with Photo¬electroporation which infuse your skin with active Hyaluronic acid to leave it feeling fully hydrated, and rebalanced. This facial also intensely brightens dull and uneven skin tones, revealing a luminous, clear and pure complexion